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WON E'MER 'ZINE - Issue V []
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 ICED EARTH - Alive In Athens [2cd]  ICED EARTH - "Alive In Athens" 2cd

Iced Earth produces one of the most convincing live albums of the '90s. Alive in Athens crushes with the same monumental energy as Iron Maiden's Live After Death and Blind Guardian's Tokyo Tales, quite a lofty feat. With a visual approach akin to the "Eddie marketing campaign" of Maiden, Iced Earth has thrust themselves into the proverbial power metal spotlight with a destructively catchy sound to back it up.

 $15.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 KING DIAMOND - Abigail/ Fatal Portrait [2cd]  KING DIAMOND - "Abigail/ Fatal Portrait" 2cd
 $15.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 LA RENGA - Truenotierra [2cd]  LA RENGA - "Truenotierra" 2cd
 $15.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 OTEP - Atavist [2cd]  OTEP - "Atavist" 2cd
 $15.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 RIVERSIDE - Eye Of The Soundscape [2cd]  RIVERSIDE - "Eye Of The Soundscape" 2cd

"Eye Of The Soundscape" features 13 experimental and highly atmospheric compositions, previously used as bonus material for the "Shrine Of New Generation Slaves" (2103) and "Love, Fear and the Time Machine" (2015) albums, alongside rare cuts (E.g. a new mix of "Rapid Eye Movement" and the single "Rainbow Trip", so far only released in Poland) as well as 4 new songs ("Where The River Flows", "Shine", "Sleepwalkers" and "Eye Of The Soundscape") into a massive +100 minutes 2-CD package, which showcases Riverside's ambient electronic side.

 $15.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 SLAYER - Decade Of Aggression Live [2cd]  SLAYER - "Decade Of Aggression Live" 2cd
 $15.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 AMON AMARTH - Versus The World [2cd]  AMON AMARTH - "Versus The World" 2cd

With Versus the World, Amon Amarth return with another terrain flattening, Viking-obsessed Death Metal platter. Vocalist Johan Hegg alternates between a whispery low rumble and an upper-register shriek, both of which are surprisingly able to render the lyrics quite intelligible at times. This reissued album includes a bonus disc of live material from a performance in Germany.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 AMON AMARTH - The Crusher [2cd]  AMON AMARTH - "The Crusher" 2cd

Edición Especial, incluye Bonus CD.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 AMON AMARTH - The Avenger [2cd]  AMON AMARTH - "The Avenger" 2cd

Edición Especial, incluye Bonus CD.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 AMON AMARTH - Once Sent From The Golden Hall [2cd]  AMON AMARTH - "Once Sent From The Golden Hall" 2cd

Edición Especial, incluye Bonus CD.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 AMON AMARTH - With Oden On Our Side [2cd]  AMON AMARTH - "With Oden On Our Side" 2cd

Edición Especial, incluye Bonus CD.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 CATHEDRAL - The Guessing Game [2cd]  CATHEDRAL - "The Guessing Game" 2cd
 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 DARKTHRONE - Panzerfaust [2cd]  DARKTHRONE - "Panzerfaust" 2cd
 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 DEATH - The Sound Of Perseverance [2cd]  DEATH - "The Sound Of Perseverance" 2cd

DEATH, la institución del Metal fundada por el legendario guitarrista Chuck Schuldiner (Q.E.P.D.), editó su último álbum de estudio "The Sound of Perseverance" en 1998. El 2011 ha sido remasterizado y rediseñado en un CD Doble, que incluye una hora de material extra nunca antes realizado (temas extras y demos). Esta es la edición definitiva de un clásico atemporal.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 DIO - Holy Diver Live [2cd]  DIO - "Holy Diver Live" 2cd
 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 DISSECTION - Storm Of The Light's Bane [2cd]  DISSECTION - "Storm Of The Light's Bane" 2cd

Remasterizado. Incluye Bonus CD.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 ICED EARTH - Days Of Purgatory [2cd]  ICED EARTH - "Days Of Purgatory" 2cd

Edición Limitada, Remasterizado, Digi Pack.

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 MEGADETH - That One Night... Live In Buenos Aires [2cd]  MEGADETH - "That One Night... Live In Buenos Aires" 2cd
 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 RHAPSODY OF FIRE - Live:from Chaos To Eternity [2cd]  RHAPSODY OF FIRE - "Live:from Chaos To Eternity" 2cd

2013 two CD live set from the Metal men. With this first double live album in the history of the band, mastermind Alex Staropoli not only fulfilled a dream for himself but also one for all the fans out there, around the world. Although it's focus lies on the latest studio album from Chaos to Eternity, these live recordings have a lot more to offer and clearly show what the name Rhapsody of Fire stands for...

 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
 THERION - Live In Midgard [2cd]  THERION - "Live In Midgard" 2cd
 $14.900.-  Compre Ahora 
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